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most insane base jump ever!   
11:54pm 09/12/2006
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fun with taser's   
02:49am 11/11/2006
this is NOT for the weak....BELIEVE ME   
02:32am 11/11/2006
mood: dirty
trust me, you wanna see this   
02:26am 11/11/2006
silly homeless people   
01:57am 31/10/2006
"How many times does momma have to tell you, DONT WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON"   
01:30am 31/10/2006
mood: nerdy
oopsCollapse )
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Who's the man......SHAFT!....Oohhh yeah   
01:22am 31/10/2006
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Pee before you watch....SO FUCKING FUNNY   
01:50am 05/10/2006
mood: happy
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Video time....   
02:38pm 28/09/2006
mood: bored
This first video is of a Shaman doing some PvP, the twist is, he has the Legendary Item Sulfurion, Hand of Ragnaros and just Owns people. watch like 5 min of the video and then fast forward to about 75% of it until he duel's a paladin and chat starts happening. trust me you wont be disapointed.


This Video is from when me and the guild downed Ragnaros, taken by one of our Warlocks. still fuckin awesome.
dont worry about downloading from filefront.com its harmless, enjoy

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OMG Orcs doing Pink Floyd!   
01:43am 15/09/2006
mood: high
Cuz sometimes a bitch just needs to go down   
01:55am 13/09/2006
mood: awake
and this bitch got some BEEFCollapse )to her
I'm sad to say my Netherwind Crown DID drop but didnt have enough DKP to bid for it.../cry
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OH Hell hath a fury all right......   
03:15pm 04/09/2006
mood: excited
His Name.....RagnarosCollapse )

Saddly we whiped a bunch of attempts but it was ok cuz we needed to practice anyway, next week its all about other people farming for Fire resist gear and Potions to protect the group. but when we take him down boy it will kick ass
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ah to be worshiped by trolls   
03:11pm 04/09/2006
mood: blah
20 man Raid dungeon Zul 'Gurub is now offically on "farm status" now that we all know how to take down Hakkar and his mangy priests. i was able to get some kick ass gear for it too, to which thisCollapse ) seemed like a nice way to celebrate.
Anyone know who this is?   
03:07pm 04/09/2006
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oh ya you knowCollapse )

Onyxia that right
Takin that bitch down was AWESOME!

more to come...
Papa Smuf consume's small children! you see it first!   
03:28am 03/09/2006
mood: sleepy
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Molten Core progression   
06:08am 27/08/2006
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Boss's Left in Molten Core
Baron Geddon-Dead
Major Domo-Alive
Here are some group ShotsCollapse )
The pussy Golemagg was so wonderful to drop my Staff of Dominance and all the rest of the bosses have such good drops its great. i have tons of pictures, more whackyness to come
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only one color gear...Purple BITHCES!   
04:05pm 23/07/2006
mood: energetic
Got my first piece of epic armor with the new raiding guild. all casters should check it out....jealous? YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE. you want it too? good luck, it drops in scholomance and has a 1.07% drop rate off Ras Frostwhisper.

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This just in....   
01:25am 17/07/2006
  If you make microwavewable macaroni and nuke it for 5 min, you'll not only , boil the water, cook the macaroni, but melt off the glaze coating around the bowl to make it food safe.  
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a crumbling crusade   
01:24am 06/07/2006
mood: shitty
watch as a lvl 63 Elite takes on dozens of his own kind, only to die at the very end, and have his father come and rape the rest of them hereCollapse )
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01:06am 06/07/2006
mood: depressed
So we've determined that the "gentleman in question" is not a happy camper when we do thisCollapse ) to his library

The might of a dreadlord!? Nothing compared to my own!
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